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Keyring URI schema

Donnerstag, Juli 11th, 2013

Beginning with version 2.0, Keyring¬†accepts being launched by other applications. This is done via the URI schema ‚ts-keyring‘. Currently the only supported operation is adding a new entry into the key list of Keyring. The neccessary call looks like:

Windows.System.Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(new System.Uri(„ts-keyring:add?title=“ + title + „&memo=“ + memo + „&user=“ + user + „&pass=“ + password));

where title, memo, user and password are the entry fields entered into the list. The title field is obligatory and has to be first, while the others are optional or can be empty.

For OS capability reasons this feature is only supported in the Windows Phone 8 version of Keyring, beginning with version number 2.0.


About Keyring

Keyring is a Windows Phone app that stores secrets, mainly logins and passwords. It’s main focus is to keep them safe, especially by not contacting the outside, i.e. no network connection is used by the app. The design is clean and simple, no frills.¬†It is free of cost and ad-free. Link to the store:

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