Resources for Direct2D

Currently documentation on Direct2D seems to be a little bit sparse. Only a few samples and not much community content exist. Here I concentrate the sources I ran across ‚til now.

Just like the code the docs also experienced a way of change during the last incarnations. In the Windows 7 Beta SDK there was compiled Help content that disappeared with the March DirectX SDK and was replaced by the online MSDN content. With the Windows 7 RC SDK offline content has reappeared, in the form of Document Explorer Help. I prefer the last-mentioned because it’s quicker as MSDN online and does not collapse sibling branches if you change to another branch.

* MSDN Online Documentation

* PDC 2008 Talk

* Samples: The sample code contained in the SDK installed folders (C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0\Samples\Multimedia\Direct2D) differs from the code in the Document Explorer Help file. Be sure to check both.

* Blogs

DirectX Blog – new, not much content yet

Tom’s Blog – especially the (ongoing) discussion in Introducing the Microsoft Direct2D API is worth noting.

Kam VedBrat’s Blog

* Forum: There is no dedicated MSDN forum yet. Some valuable help was given in the XNA forum, Direct3D subforum.

* Hands-On-Labs from the Windows 7 Developer Trainings: Sorry, can’t post. But reminds of the MSDN samples and the code in the PDC talk.

* Codeproject article: Direct2D: Hardware Acceleration in Windows 7 Plotting

* Some further links in the Wikipedia article

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